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Hello Penguins stole my heart many years ago. And struggling though life and relationships I always had hope that I would meet my perfect mate, penguin. And I have! We love to travel and had always planned on traveling the world when we could retire, like so many others. However, my partner and King Penguin got sick. Diabetes contributed to ESRD, and there came dialysis, doctors, surgery, a kidney transplant (thank you lord). After watching family members rapidly decline before they could even begin to enjoy life and seeing what was the life that they were so proud of become nothing put junk on a floor of foreclosed house. So this baby blue eye penguin and my king penguin sold everything (figured no one really wants your stuff) since we can not take it with us and moved into a motor home and are trying to figure this all out. Bought the 2014 Winnebago Ellipse 42qd because it had a heated bay, with a sliding tray storage that would work to carry dialysis supplies with us. We tested running the home dialysis machine off of a solar generator, dry camping and then the generator. We decided that this was going to work, so we sold the house. 

Two weeks before the house was to close, we got the call!! While exciting that King Penguin was getting a new kidney, this left a very hectic two weeks to pack, move into the RV, and move the RV, dogs and myself to Iowa where he got the transplant and we would have to stay for a month. Glad we had the RV already bought, so the lord is watching over us. But now we just have to figure everything out. So come join us and we learn along the way. We welcome all suggesgtions.

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