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2021 Christmas- Merry Christmas from us to all -from a 73 degree TN on this day.

2021 Christmas- Merry Christmas from us to all -from a 73 degree TN on this day.

No need for us to watch one of the best Christmas movies, we are living it!

We have to remain flexible and move with what ever needs to be done so we always try to plan as best we can with Plan A, B, C and sometimes a plan D.

Due to King Penguins medical needs, we can not go any further south from the Des Moines Transplant team or doctors in Chicago. Keeps it within a days drive. So we are somewhat dry camping in Camden TN on the farm for the winter.

Plan A was to have hooks up installed in our spot on the farm, i.e. water, electric and sewer, but things move slow in the south. So here we are 1 week living on electric hook ups only. We can get water ($0.49 a gallon refill at Walmart) and with a nifty little $20 battery operated pump we are able to pump it into our water storage tanks on the motorhome. Emptying the grey tank, not too bad since that is only soapy water. Not too panicked about that.

However, what do we do with the smelly black tank?

Decided to order plan B - a macerator pump. From research, youtube and amazon, looks like that can be hooked up to the RV dump receptacle and a garden hose and I can pump the poop anywhere I want it to be. So then, I need something to put it in, poop tote it is! Ordered both on amazon to be delivered on December 22. We should be good, that would only be 5 days, tank reading 1/3 currently. We can make that- If it's yellow let it mellow.

December 22nd comes, Amazon says my packages have arrived!! So, only have the poop tote. Hmm, this is a 36 gallon tote. It would way 300 lbs if I had to pick it up full and put it on the back of the Gladiator to drive to a dump spot. FYI- Dump spot is 22 miles away. Since this is highway driving, pulling it behind sounds illegal. So really need the shit pump. Look ask around no one has seen the pump package. Check with Amazon and USPS, they say it was delivered. Crap to be me, guess I have to order another one. Well not this 2nd one will not come until Tuesday December 28th, not sure we are going to make it. Please Santa all I want for Christmas is a poop pump. Since sceptic tank is not going to magically happen.

So Christmas Eve dinner with the kiddo and extended family, the kiddo gives me a wrapped gift. I open it and low and behold it is my shit pump!!! She stole the package, she says buy mistake, frustrated but happy to have.

So all excited Christmas morning to wake up and hook up that bad boy to the RV and a hose and get this shit pumped into the tote. But wait, not so fast, seems a regular garden hose does not hook up to it. You have to first add vinyl tubing, something called a male reducing adapter before you can hook up a hose. Ugh. No where to get this in Christmas, so another day/night we go.

Rise and Shine Sunday Morning!! Lowes is packed the say after Christmas but I am on a mission of the darkest kind. Find the vinyl tubing- but no male thingy. It's male, should not surprise me that it can not be found. Plan C- 10 feet of vinyl tubing and a hose clamp and away I go! Screw the garden hose, we will make this work.

Back at the RV, well the poop pump is too big to fit into the water compartment to attach. Well we have the old stinky slinky hose, we will just attach that and the pump afterwards. So pull the Gladiator as close as possible, but still need 3 sections of stinky slinky hose. Hook up the pump, stick the clear vinyl tubing into the poop tote, that is in the bed of the Gladiator, and pull the lever, hit the switch and let the ground up poop flow uphill!! Success!!

We fill and drive and empty one tote full. Make a second trip and all good. Tanks are Empty!! Now just clean up and put stuff away. Pull the poop tote off the Gladiator, it hits the ground, cap falls off and apparently it was not completely empty! Shit river it is.

Well, they say you are not truly living the RV way until you have your shitter accident. This makes my second in a year. I will either get better, or this will be my future way of life.

Now let's pray for a little rain please.


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