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One Year Living in an RV

One year check up with the Transplant Team at Unity Point in Des Moines Iowa. For each visit during this first year, quarterly, we have stayed at Timberline Campground in Iowa. The ownership is fabulous, when this journey began in 2021 with the 2 a.m. call on July 2 the management bent over backwards to fit me in immediately and for a month stay.

It was no small feat to pack up a house, move into the RV, drive by myself with the fur babies all in 2 days. I arrived at the campground exhausted and looking like a crazy lady. They guided me into the spot, helped me set up, and off to the hospital I went. I was heart broken that I had to leave the King Penguin by himself after the transplant on July 2nd. However, the RV was in a campground I had to vacate by July 4th, and the house was selling on July 15th.

Coming back hear for our one year check up brings back all of the memories of the beginning. And Iowa in July does not disappoint with the heat. While hot, I would not want to be anywhere else at the moment.

The Good: King Penguin and I are alive! While, we have only traveled to Iowa, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Illinois during this year living full time, we have learned a lot. You need less than you think, especially clothes and shows ( I know a sin to say). You can figure out how to make anything happen. You meet the nicest people. You find peace and enjoyment in some of the simplest things.

The challenges: Managing to be in each place for medical appointments, managing prescriptions, work and family. You have to explain to people a lot that you do not know your address and it could be this, or that, or lets try this one, until they confirm what they are showing on line. Also, Traveling mailboxes to not meet expectations.

The scary: We sill have more work to do on medical issues. The challenges have made us stronger and we will continue on our journey.


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